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  • Sales/channel sales 2021-11-08


    1. As a sales person, under the leadership and supervision of the superior, he/she can regularly fulfill the quantitative work requirements and independently handle and solve the tasks he/she is responsible for;

    2. Manage customer relations, establish customer files, pay regular return visits, collect customer opinions and suggestions and give timely feedback, and establish long-term stable customer relations;

    3. According to the marketing plan, expand the number of channels in the region, be responsible for completing the sales target of the project assigned by the company, and ensure the full completion of the department's sales task;

    3. Collect new customer information and communicate with them in a timely manner, tap customer needs, develop new customers, introduce the advantages and features of their products, and provide professional consultation for customers;

    4. Responsible for the development, coordination and maintenance of the product market, collecting information about potential customers, developing new customers, and ensuring the continuous growth of the company's user base and partners;;

    5. Be responsible for market research, collect and feed back market information, provide support for superior supervisors and stakeholders in formulating relevant strategies, and supervise the implementation of various market activities;

    6. Collect accounts receivable.

    7. Timely complete other tasks assigned by the superior;


    1. College degree or above, major in marketing or related is preferred; Those with rich experience and strong ability can relax the conditions. The post-90s generation is preferred.

    2. Working experience is unlimited, more than 1 year working experience in sales industry, outstanding performance is preferred;

    3. Outgoing personality, quick reaction, strong expression ability, strong communication skills and affinity;

    4. Have certain market analysis and judgment ability, good customer service awareness, and be able to adapt to short and medium term business trips;

    5. Have a sense of responsibility, have high enthusiasm for sales work, and have good adaptability and pressure bearing ability;

    6. Have strong learning ability, excellent communication ability, executive ability and team work awareness;

    7. Have a certain ability of market analysis and judgment, and have a good sense of customer service.

    8. Have a strong sense of career and dare to face challenges;

    Compensation and benefits:

    1. Purchase five insurances for employees

    2. Increase salary by work performance every year

    3. Legal holidays shall be taken according to national regulations

    4. The five-day working system occasionally organizes to learn business knowledge for half a day on Saturdays to strengthen business ability

    5. Provide induction training (from beginner to talent)

    6. Internal good promotion channel, professional and management two-way promotion channel

    7. Those with excellent performance will have the opportunity to become senior executives and partners of the company, and will be rewarded with share dividends.

    8. Regular dinner+regular travel

    Basic salary+performance commission+share dividend+communication allowance+year-end bonus+five insurances+double holidays+annual leave+tourism

    Working hours: 8:30 a.m.~18:00 p.m., 12:00 p.m.~13:30 p.m., 1.5 hours lunch break. Weekends and weekends, legal holidays, normal rest+annual leave.

    Work address:

    Guangzhou Office: Room 303, 3/F, Haiji Building, Zengcheng District, Guangzhou (diagonally opposite the D2 exit of Xintang Metro Station).

    Shanghai Office: B-3, No. 99, Chunnong Road, Huangdu Town, Jiading District, Shanghai

    Zhengzhou Office: Room 2606, Block B, Provincial Gathering Center, Jinshui District, Zhengzhou

  • Scientific and technological information researcher 2019-05-07

    Job requirements:

    1. Familiar with the principle of secondary battery, with strong material and chemical theoretical basis;

    2. Master degree or above in materials science and engineering and chemistry of famous universities;

    3. Have strong logical thinking ability, information query ability and analysis, induction and summary ability;

    4. Good English reading and writing skills;

    5. Team spirit, hard-working, strong sense of responsibility, and good character.


    1. The whole journal covers the retrieval, analysis and summary of scientific and technological documents;

    2. Establish the directional tracking model of scientific and technological information, and be responsible for the daily contact of relevant scientific research institutions;

    3. Search, analysis and summary of global patent resources;

    4. Assist in the formulation of project development plans and the establishment of scientific and technological information databases;

  • R&D Engineer 2019-05-07

    Job requirements:

    Major in physical chemistry, analytical chemistry, polymer chemistry and other chemical related majors, electrochemical preferred, master's degree or above, CET-6, good oral English, can be appropriately relaxed


    1. Mainly responsible for the research and development of lead-acid batteries. The research and development projects are mainly divided into four categories: research on long-life lead-acid batteries, research on low-temperature performance of lead-acid batteries, improvement of specific energy of lead-acid batteries, and new electrode materials and electrode systems related to lead.