About us

Huashen Power Supply Co., Ltd. is an enterprise focusing on the research, production and sales of batteries. The production base of the company is Jiyuan Huashen Power Supply Co., Ltd., which is located in Jiyuan City, Henan Province, the youngest and most dynamic emerging industrial city and smelting town in Central China. Jiyuan Huashen Power Supply Co., Ltd. is subordinate to Jiyuan Wanyang Smelting Group, one of the top 500 private enterprises in China. It mainly produces valve regulated sealed lead-acid batteries, gel batteries, solar energy storage batteries, power batteries, lithium batteries and other related products.

The company covers an area of 500 mu, with an investment amount of more than 100 million yuan. The designed and approved production scale is 3.6 million kilovolt ampere hours of batteries annually. It is equipped with several advanced intelligent production lines in the industry. It was officially put into production at the beginning of 2013, and can achieve an annual output value of 3 billion yuan.

The company will be market-oriented, customer-centric, to meet the needs of customers for the purpose, and through quality services in the market to establish a good reputation. The products are used in communication, power, transportation, finance, education, UPS, EPS emergency power, security, solar energy, electric vehicles and other related industries.

Jiyuan is also the birthplace of Yugong's story of moving mountains. We will inherit and carry forward Yugong's spirit, not afraid of difficulties, and make unremitting efforts to create. We will continue to maintain the high cost performance of our products, and continue to strengthen our services to create higher value for customers.